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Blain Nelson’s Abuse Pages

Great site that provides personal experience with abuse (the giving and receiving end), questions to help you determine whether you are an abuser or have been abused, information about the “cycle of abuse,” and links to other sites that pertain to this subject.

C.A.P.A. - The Child Abuse Prevention Association

Child abuse prevention tips and responsibilities, calendar of events, programs, and ways to get involved in prevention methods are all highlighted at this informative site.

Child Abuse Awareness Association

University of California at San Diego newly formed group devoted to preventing child abuse through education, volunteering, and articles all featured at this site.

Child Abuse Prevention

A picture of an innocent child portrays the importance of this site. It has answers to FAQ, as well as a definition of child abuse and a fact sheet.

Child Abuse Prevention Network

This site is dedicated to enhancing Internet resources for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Offers list of state-level programs on the prevention of child abuse, electronic newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the developments of this site, and links to other helpful sites.

Child CyberSEARCH: English Home Page

Canadian site that provides a database of missing children, a list of Canada’s missing children agencies, a library that contains helpful tips, pamphlets, special interest articles about missing children, child-care, and parenting. Mostly geared toward Canadians, but some information is universal.

Child Quest International

Site dedicated to the recovery of missing, abused, and exploited children. Offers safety tips to keep your kids safe, lists of other resources that can answer questions you may have, and links to other important sites dedicated to the safety of children.

Child Search: National Missing Children’s Center

Provides support services for those whose children are missing, such as crisis counseling, search assistance, photo distribution assistance. Also provides photo-listings of missing children, child ID kits, and safety tips for parents.

Child Sexual Abuse

Not a lot of bells and whistles at this sight, but really good, must-know information about child sexual abuse. Offers sections on symptoms, feelings the child (and the parent) may have, protecting kids, and listening to children.

Childhelp USA

In-depth access to child abuse information and facts, names of celebrity ambassadors, Childhelp USA advisory board, and lists of Childhelp facilities. Also gives immediate help to those who are being abused.

Children’s House Home Page

Site that is an interactive resource center—a meeting place for the exchange of information that serves the well-being of children. Offers workshops and training, information resources on the well-being of children, information about early childhood, and a spot about children’s rights.

Children’s Safety Network Home Page

Contains publications and resources produced by CSN and other EDC injury prevention projects that include full-text in HTML format that can be viewed, downloaded, and printed directly from this site.

CyberPages International Inc: Missing Children

Provides a list of missing children. This page is free of charge and enables you to add to the list. Also provides a list of other sites on the Internet that provide a similar service.

Domestic Violence Page

Site devoted to fighting all forms of family violence. Great info here, such as facts about domestic violence, readers stories, suggestions for where to get help, suggested reading list, and links to other sites that pertain to domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Quiz

Take this domestic violence quiz to test your knowledge on domestic violence related issues. After submitting each answer, an explanation is given about the correct answer.

Family Violence Awareness Page

Statistical informatiopersonal essays, hotlines, questions, T-shirt sales, and links devoted to preventing occurrences of domestic violence.

Family Violence Prevention Fund

This informative site gives facts, news, personal stories, celebrity input, and more on domestic violence. It discusses the impact on children, adults, and the workplace.

International Center for the Search and Recovery of Missing Children

This site allows you to choose Spanish or English as the spoken language and then continues by showing pictures of missing children and also has an intake package which allows for immediate reporting of a missing child.

The KEYEYE Making Kids Safe Page

Site dedicated to teaching personal safety to children. Offers videotapes that help teach your child how to recognize ploys of abductors, safety tips for parents and children, and links to other safety pages.

Related Sites

Kathy’s Resources on Parenting, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Trauma, and Disassociation

Offers tons of information about the different aspects of violence, including information for parents; data and info on trauma and disassociation, abuse, rape, and domestic violence; and a Net ratings guide.

Mental Health Net: Responding to Sexual Child Abuse

Site that contains suggestions for adults who suspect child abuse or are approached by a child indicating that he or she has been abused. Suggestions are specific to your reaction to the child and what you should do after the discussion with the child.

Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence & Abuse

Site of an electronic clearinghouse via the World Wide Web for issues that pertain to domestic violence. Offers information about domestic violence in the forms of research papers and book suggestions, support for professionals, school safety info, list of treatment guidelines, gallery of children’s art, poetry and prose by survivors, and links to help resources and other sites.

Missing Children at Lost Kids

This site has thumbnail pictures of missing kids and by clicking the pictures, find out more information of the missing children. The site has a phone number if you have any information on any of the children.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Site of a private, non-profit organization working in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice dedicated to the search for missing children and pursuit of child protection. Offers training for those involved in child protection and recovery, search assistance to those looking for missing children, and provides publications and resources pertinent to the safety of children. Also provides access to a missing children database.


Provides links to missing children sites. The other sites aren’t necessarily huge, but the info contained at those sites are equally as important.

The Polly Klaas Foundation

Named after an abducted child, this site has pictures and information of missing children. It also has relevant information on how to keep your children safe and how to educate the public.

Stop Child Abuse Now

Exploration of child abuse topics through personal stories and pleas to prevent the vicious cycle of child abuse from continuing.

Suggested Readings on Domestic Violence

This site lists titles and reviews on suggested books that deal with domestic violence. Also has links to SafetyNet Home page and Cybergrrl Webstation.

Survivor Organizations and Agencies

Provides list of organizations and agencies in the United States for victims and survivors of child abuse and includes addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers.

Want to contact Your Runaway Child?

Contact your runaway child via the World Wide Web! This site is made in the off chance that your runaway child has access to the Internet. Post a message and read responses.

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